We are from Montréal and our local MLS team is the Montréal Impact. Their motto is  « Tous pour gagner ». 

Montréal has been a hockey city for over 100 years and we think that slowly but surely the foot culture and the Montréal Impact will get the right media spotligh. 

Gofootyourself  was created to bring you news and insights mainly about IMFC (articles, videos, pictures and rumours). Our target is to centralized the information. We feel that in Montréal our local MLS  team isn’t always getting the proper coverage. However,  we also applaud the medias that give soccer the right coverage and we encourage you to support them. The more the interest is shown, the more we will get. 

Our mission is not only to grow the foot culture in Montréal but to also give back to the community. 

We research to find anything related to the Impact of Montréal.  We always gather the most important news for you. Our main goal is to push the soccer coverage. Please note that we also publish information on other MLS soccer teams and other leagues. During the offseason we publish more on other leagues.

We are trillingual: English, French and Spanish therefore you might find articles in those languages.  Although we always give credit to the owner of the information that we post, if you don’t wish to be featured on our website, let us know and within 24 hours we will take down  your  article preview. 

Let us know if you wish to be featured on our website. We are known  and our platform can help you get more readers.

There’s so much more to come. 




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